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Lybover BULK expands screening and drying range through partnership with Allgaier

Lybover BULK (aka Motogroup) has a long tradition in designing and realising bulk handling projects where a standard solution is often not sufficient. This results in projects with a lot of added value, in which customisation is central. Lybover BULK is able to distinguish itself in this market by falling back on its own design office and production workshop, supplemented with solutions provided by dedicated partners, each with their own expertise. Recently we were able to add a new partner to this exclusive list. In order to offer an answer to various screening and drying issues within the Benelux market, Lybover BULK found the ideal partner in the German company Allgaier Process Technology GmbH.

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Lybover BULK & Envac have been awarded the contract to build an innovative optical sorting plant for Bionerga to enable multi-stream single truck household waste collection

Lybover BULK and Envac received the notice to proceed from Biostoom Beringen NV, a subsidiary of Bionerga NV to build an innovative sorting plant, which sorts 5 different waste fractions by colour of the waste bag, without damaging the bags. The waste bags are collected by the intermunicipal company Limburg.net in one and the same garbage truck. The new “Optimo” sorting plant will be located in Ravenshout – Beringen, next to the newly built biosteam plant of Biostoom Beringen, an affiliate of Bionerga.

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After 30 years Lybover BULK builds another concrete plant for Blomme on the old foundations


Since decades Blomme is active in the region of Nieuwpoort, Middelkerke, Veurne and Ostend and an established player in building materials and groundworks. On May 5, 1990 the previous concrete plant was solemnly put into operation. This was also a realization of Lybover BULK (Motogroup). 30 years later, Betoncentrale Blomme contacted Lybover BULK again to build a completely new concrete plant. Big challenge was to limit the production downtime to 6 weeks. After all, the new concrete plant was built on the old foundations. This project consisted of 5 large parts: aggregate storage, underground dosing and weighing unit, feed conveyor, mixing tower and various concrete silos. All essential components were built by our own production workshop in Bruges and Waregem. 

Explore the concrete plant in a bird's-eye view

Cantillana optimizes production and increases storage capacity


Cantillana is a family-owned manufacturer of building materials that offers reliable and durable solutions for every phase of the construction project, from structural work to finishing. Specializing in structural work, plastering and facade insulation, the Belgian family business has become a household name in the market over the past decades. The expansion of the product range and the various acquisitions have sustained its growth over the past 145 years. Lybover BULK was called in for the new project, with the aim of taking care of and optimizing the transport and storage of raw materials. The two existing round silos were demolished and replaced on the existing structure by three new square silos. With a volume of approximately 60 m³ per silo, the storage capacity was significantly increased. The existing steel structure was adapted and reinforced. For the distribution of the products to the existing production process, Lybover BULK supplied and installed nine transport screws.

Time pressure

The biggest challenge in this project was undoubtedly the time pressure. Moreover, the conversion was planned during the winter break in order not to suffer any loss of production. The installation within the existing environment also required the necessary attention. Good preparation proved to be essential here as well. "By working on the basis of a 3D scan of the existing infrastructure, a lot of time could be gained in terms of engineering," says Davy De Sutter, After Sales Service at Lybover BULK. Extremely accurate measurements, prefabricated production and fast problem detection by means of class detection ensured that the short turnaround time could be guaranteed. "Lybover BULK completed the work on time thanks to good preparation, in safe working conditions and with the necessary flexibility," says André Van Lathem of Cantillana. The silos themselves were produced by sister company Lybover METAL. The complementarity of the Lybover group was again an added value for this project.


Lybover BULK supplies to Gieterij Doesburg an EIRICH molded sand aerator which is robust and low in maintenance.


Gieterij Doesburg contacted EIRICH to improve the quality and efficiency of their moulding sand. Their existing moulding sand aerator was very maintenance intensive due to the charging of molded sand. They chose the EIRICH moulding sand aerator because it works without clogging of moulded sand and is therefore very easy to maintenance. Moreover, the EIRICH moulding sand aerator is very compact and easy to install on existing conveyor belts. It is also a very robust design where there is little wear on the tools. The moulding sand aerator ensures better sand distribution in the mold. Better compactability at the moulding line implies better cast quality with reduced post-treatment costs. 


Lybover BULK (Motogroup) partner of FedBeton


In order to further develop its activities in the concrete sector, Lybover BULK (Motogroup) entered into a partnership with FedBeton, the federation for ready-mixed concrete, at the beginning of 2020. FedBeton represents the companies in the industry for the production, transport and pumping of ready-mixed concrete.

Thanks to this partnership, Lybover BULK can be present at the 5 regional meetings that take place twice a year, as well as the General Assembly. Tailor-made initiatives are always possible. This partnership will continue to take shape in the coming years.

The partnership has only just started, but a first tailor-made initiative is already in preparation. We look forward to a successful collaboration.


Group Peeters builds robotic bundle cleaner together with Lybover BULK


Since its creation, Group Peeters has been a trendsetter in the design and continuous improvement of specific cleaning machines. And there is also a lot of pressure from the customer base to automate more industrial cleaning activities. This in order to improve both safety and cleaning quality. The internal cleaning of heat exchangers is a delicate and important part of the overhaul work during a shutdown in (petro-)chemical and other process industries. Such a heat exchanger can have up to 1,800 pipes and a diameter of up to 1,800 mm. In order to further strengthen the market leader position in this critical activity, Group Peeters decided to have an automated cleaner built, according to its own design. For this complex robotized bundle cleaner, a partner was needed who could think along during the realisation, and adapt the concept where necessary. This is how Lybover BULK came into the picture.


Lybover BULK your partner from 3D scan to assembly


Lybover BULK is fully committed to innovation with additional investments in 3D scanning.

Since 2008, the Lybover Group has been focusing on 3D scanning technology. With the fastest scanning technology of 2 million points per second, we bring your environment to life. This data is processed automatically and serves as the basis for further output. Lybover BULK can provide dimensions, details or other output within 24 hours. The point cloud can also be used with free software applications that we are happy to install at your premises and provide training for.

Contact us and find out how Lybover can make a difference through 3D scanning and engineering. info@lyboverbulk.com 


Lybover BULK (Motogroup) looks back with satisfaction on a successful edition of Matexpo 2019


Lybover BULK (Motogroup) could count on many interested visitors for the BISON 250. This mobile mixing installation from SIMEM can be used for mixing and dosing of stabilised types of sand, poor concrete during road construction, cold asphalt mix, concrete mixes, ...

The colleagues from Lybover RECYCLING also presented their latest innovations at the biannual international trade fair Matexpo at Kortrijk Xpo.

Visitors could discover the possibilities of the Tyron breaker and the Steinert Eddy C Move.


Lybover BULK (Motogroup) present at MATEXPO 2019


Also this year Lybover BULK will be present at MATEXPO, the biannual international trade fair for construction equipment in Kortrijk Xpo.

At the fair we will present our latest innovations to you:

- The Bison 250: SIMEM's mobile mixing unit

- Tyron crusher: This crusher is the ideal solution for effectively reducing the most diverse and difficult materials such as waste wood, green waste, construction and demolition waste, household, industrial and bulky waste, aluminium profiles and mattresses.

- Steinert Eddy C Move: The mobile way to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals in one step.

MATEXPO will take place from Wednesday 11 to Sunday 15 September 2019 in Kortrijk Xpo. Request your free ticket. 


Steel silo ready for transport to the customer


Steel silo (125m³ - D4m - L12.5m - cone made of wear-resistant material) - ready for transport to the customer. Tailor-made craftsmanship @Motogroup 


Motogroup assembles new concrete plant


Willemen Infra is the largest Belgian road builder.

Motogroup moved the existing concrete plant from Bruges to the site in Ghent. The capacity of the hopper doubled thanks to six new hoppers.

We replaced the old weighing belt with a new one. From now on, a drive-up ramp is no longer necessary. We placed the old and the new hoppers in a cellar.

The conveyor belt to the plant was extended and the entire existing concrete plant was thoroughly overhauled.

The mixing unit was disassembled by Motogroup and got new bearings and seals. The motors and gearboxes underwent an external overhaul.

The dosing unit was also overhauled. We repaired the valves and the dosing funnels got new wear plates. Once the units were ready, they were shipped off to Ghent.

Motogroup assembled the hoppers, weighing belt and feed belt. There was a very short period of time between the dismantling at the Bruges site and the construction in Ghent.

Willemen has been using Motogroup for years for maintenance and various constructions.


Motogroup builds manual sorting booth with input hopper in Sweden


Motogroup (Lybover Bulk) built a manual sorting booth with infeed hopper which is part of a separation line where ferrous and non-ferrous metals are removed from fluid bed bottom ashes.


Motogroup designs and produces 4 silos according to the customer's requirements.


Product characteristics silos:

volume water full: 126 m³

internal diameter: Ø3930

product: sand/cement/premix mortar (1800 kg/m³)

silo material: S235JR

segregation tower in the silo


Simem will be at the Bauma fair in Munich from 8 to 14 April.


The 32nd edition of the world's leading trade fair Bauma 2019 for construction machinery with 450,000 visitors is the largest trade fair for construction in the world. Here you will find every manufacturer of construction machinery, mining machines, construction vehicles, construction technology, components & hoisting and lifting equipment. Come and visit Simem at stand FM 709/2 . More information can be found here


In 2019, Motogroup will belong to the 200 West Flemish Trends Gazelles, and this in the category of medium-sized companies.


Motogroup is very proud to be nominated for the first time. In recent years, Motogroup and its employees have worked hard on a clear and professional company structure, enabling them to work very independently and with motivation in the most efficient conditions. Motivated employees almost automatically lead to good service, high quality products and satisfied customers.

If you also want to be part of this innovative company, please take a look at our website http://lybover.be/careers/ Motogroup is, due to its strong growth, looking for representatives, welders, mechanics, ...


Motogroup doubles screening/sieve capacity of Europort’s sugar terminal.

At the end of 2017, the European sugar market has been liberalized, which has had a large impact on the sugar industry. According to recent figures, Antwerp is the complete sugar port. Euroports therefore takes on an important role.
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Manual sorting cabin with 6 ejector channels


Up to 8 people can work in the sorting cabin.

The flow rate is adjustable to 40m³ / h and the installation has a 7 m³ collapsing funnel.

More info? Call +32 (0)50 / 450.860


Extendable conveyor belt


A sophisticated piece of engineering ensures, by means of 7 drums that a closed conveyor belt with fixed length can work flawlessly in a variable extendable chassis from 23m to 41m. Conveyor belt completely foodgrade, with a capacity of 250t / h.

Watch the video on our You Tube channel.


About the Lybover Group


In 33 years, the Boels family has expanded its business from a one-man business to a group of companies with almost 200 employees.  Lybover now has 7 niche companies in its portfolio, all SMEs that profile themselves one by one as specialists in the search for a tailor-made industrial solution for the customer. In order to present all this clearly to the outside world, it was decided to enter the market under one image, clearly indicating that all activities will be developed further under the Lybover umbrella.

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