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From the beginning to the best result

Motogroup designs and builds Turnkey installations for storage and transport of bulk goods. For that purpose, we have our own engineering teams. This allows us to assist you from the initial phase of the project. Together with you, we draft the layout and design for the machine. So we try together to achieve an economic and effective solution.

How does our engineering office work?

We have a specific step-by-step plan that our engineering team duly follows. And a new concept always starts with a thorough conversation. During that meeting, you can communicate your ideas to us and of course you can lay down your requirements from your own experiences and on the basis of your product knowledge. With that information we can then immediately start with the design. A first draft will then be presented to you. Next, we develop a detailed design with the necessary adjustments. We also take into account the production and maintenance costs, but also the ease of maintenance afterwards. Thereafter we build the machine or the entire line in our workshop and check and test everything. During the implementation phase, we come to you on site for installation.

From design to efficient installation


The designs are built up in a 3D drawing package, in order to obtain a perfect integration of the machine/installation in the final environment. This 3D-methodology allows to perfectly work out all interfaces and to detect and remedy any obstructions.

Static and dynamic strength calculations are carried out in-house with the most up-to-date software.

Our engineers are also familiar with calculating drive trains and pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical controls.

Our engineering office can rely on 60 years of accumulated knowledge concerning the behaviour of various types of bulk goods. This allows them to select the right choice of materials for the machine to be designed based on this experience and to make the necessary arrangements following the abrasive and flow properties of the products to be conveyed.


What is it that you can let us manufacture?

We design and build not only machines but we also provide overall concepts. So all you have to do is to share your ideas with us and we can work them out for you. In addition, we also offer all our machines and lines custom-fitted. So you don't have to worry about the dimensions.