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Motogroup Service is ready for you 24/7.

Periodic inspection and maintenance of your bulk handling installations guarantee an optimum, reliable and continuous production process. The experts at Motogroup are trained and experienced in both technical and electrical inspections and repairs to whichever installation, regardless of the original supplier. Depending on your needs, we offer you the following services:


A breakdown in your installation can occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Since the failure of a transport system or dosing component will usually interrupt your production process, fast action is essential. Motogroup service is ready 24/7 for an expert analysis of the problem and a professional and quick intervention.

Motogroup has the most basic raw materials in stock for producing custom-made parts thanks to a modern and complete machine park, allowing to replace the defective part in no time.


Maintenance and repair works

Timely maintenance and properly carried out repairs keep your installations operational and in excellent condition. In addition to thorough inspection of your machines, we also carry out revision on parts or machines.


For the upgrading, overhauling and transfer of complete installations or machines, Motogroup offers its services in the areas of advice, design, production and assembly to improve your bulk handling processes.

Inspection and Risk assessment

Regular inspections reduce the chance of unexpected repairs with extra costs and reduce downtime too. Our service technicians check your installations for points such as operational safety, wear, mechanical and electrical condition. 

Do you need immediate assistance from our Repair and Maintenance department?

You can contact us 24/7 via our emergency number.